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Big BenTo make a real difference to the lives of people suffering the effects of unaffordable housing, and of those experiencing bad housing and homelessness in Britain, we need to concentrate on winning where it really matters - in Parliament.

Why contact your MP?

  • MPs rely on your vote, so you have a right to let them know what you think.
  • Most MPs genuinely want to know what's happening in their constituency so they can improve things - by sharing your experiences you will help them to serve the community better.
  • Your MP won't necessarily know there's a problem locally unless you speak up.
  • You won't be alone - thousands of other Shelter campaigners are contacting their MPs, plus we campaign in parliament as an organisation. Together we can make a difference!

Find out the name of your MP

Find out more about writing to your MP

Find out more about meeting your MP

Getting your message across

Whatever you want to make your voice heard about, read up about the subject in our Why we campaign section first. It's also useful to:

  • mention local issues
  • talk about your own personal experiences
  • get other people on board to support you
  • be persistent, determined and constructive.

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