Get housing in the headlines

This content applies to England only.

Writing to your local paper is a great way to raise public awareness of the lack of affordable housing and of bad housing and homelessness. You will reach thousands of people, and you can be sure your MP reads it to keep in touch with constituency opinions.

Your letter could start a debate that gets coverage of the issue for weeks to come. You don't need to be an expert on housing and you don't need to mention Shelter - you just need to have an opinion.

Your letter could:

  • Discuss
  • Challenge a negative view of housing or homelessness
  • Provide information on bad housing and the need for more homes
  • Support a positive article on housing and homelessness
  • Support new social-rented or affordable housing projects in your area
  • Question the need for new luxury developments in your area

Things to remember:

  • Keep it short - a brief letter has more chance of getting in unedited.
  • Keep it focused - highlight the problem and very importantly, some ideas about a solution.
  • Keep it local - local papers don't care about the national picture, so explain how and why the issue is relevant to your local area.
  • Keep it informed - facts and figures add weight to your letter. Take a look at our Housing issues section.

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