Where are the most homes at risk?

We all hope we’ll never go through the harrowing experience of losing our home. But every day at Shelter we see families at risk of having the worst happen. It can take just one thing, like losing your job or falling ill, to put your home at risk.

Our new research shows the number of households at risk of repossession or eviction in England in the last year. There are several ‘hotspots’, where as many as one home in every 36 could be at risk. The risk is particularly high for people who are renting, with hotspot areas seeing as many as one in every 21 homes at risk of possession.

With over 200,000 claims for possession made in the past year, we estimate this to have put almost half a million people in England at risk of losing their home during this time.

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How we calculated this

We looked at the number of possession claims issued by mortgage lenders and landlords in England in the last year. A possession claim is the first stage in a legal process that can lead to eviction. In most cases it’s followed by a possession order, which – if granted – is likely to result in a family losing their home.

Not everyone facing a claim will have to leave their home; but once a claim is issued, it makes the risk of eviction or repossession very real. The number of possession claims issued is a good indication of how many families are struggling to meet their housing costs.