Temporary accommodation out of borough

Shelter has found that homeless Londoners are being uprooted to temporary accommodation miles away from the capital, with some councils moving families as far away as Devon and Manchester.

Figures from 31 out of 33 London councils reveal that 11,513 homeless households were placed in temporary accommodation outside their home borough in 2012.

Of those, 580 were placed outside of London, with 120 moved 20 miles or more away from the capital.

10,933 households were placed out of their borough but within London, with 44 of them moved more than 20 miles away across the city.

Homeless households moved to temporary accommodation outside their borough in 2012

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How did Shelter get these figures?

Shelter obtained these figures under the Freedom of Information Act.

We asked all 33 London boroughs to provide the total number of households to whom the local authority accepted a duty to accommodate under sections 188, 190, 193 or 200 of the Housing Act 1996 in the period between 01/01/2012 and 31/12/2012.

And of those:

  • how many were placed out of borough within London
  • how many were placed out of borough outside London

31 out of 33 London boroughs responded. One borough declined the request on cost grounds.