Making a complaint

This section explains how and when it may be appropriate to make a complaint, and gives tips on what to say. It covers complaints about councils, landlords, lenders, freeholders and agents.

When to complain

If you have a complaint it's best to complain promptly. You may forget facts and lose papers, and there may also be time limits for taking further action.

How to complain

There are steps to follow with most complaints procedures. See how complaints procedures usually work and tips on what to say to complain effectively.

Complaints about private landlords

Complaints about private landlords can be made in a number of ways. Use our information to see how you can make a complaint about a private landlord.

Complaints about letting agents

Complaints about letting agencies can be made to your landlord, trade bodies or ombudsman. Find out more about how to complain about letting agents.

Complaints about councils

How to complain if you are not satisfied with the services you have received from your local council. Includes complaints by council tenants.

Complaints about housing associations

A complaint about a housing association should be made using the housing association’s formal complaints procedure.

Complaints about lenders

You can use a mortgage lender's own complaints procedure to complain about them. But if you're still dissatisfied, the Financial Ombudsman may help

Complaints about freeholders

Flat owners and other leaseholders can complaint direct to their freeholder, contact the environmental health officer or use their legal rights.

Complaints about managing agents

If your home is on a long lease, a managing agent may be used by your freeholder. See who you can complain to if you're unhappy with a managing agent.