Domestic abuse against men

Men who are victims of domestic abuse and violence have equal rights to use the law and to get help as homeless.

Legal rights of men experiencing violence and abuse

Advice about legal rights if you experience domestic violence applies equally to men and women.  

If you are a man who has experienced domestic abuse, you 

  • have the right to apply to the council as homeless if you have to leave your home
  • can take legal action against the abuser such as applying for an occupation order or an injunction
  • can report incidents to the police

Emergency housing for men

Only a limited number of refuge places are available for men who have experienced domestic abuse.

Contact Men's Adviceline for information on specialist agencies.

Make a homeless application to the council if you need emergency accommodation.

Use Shelter's directory to find a local advice agency.

Help and advice if you are a man experiencing abuse

There are sources of help and advice for men experiencing domestic violence or abuse.

Call Karma Nirvana's helpline if you need support with honour-based abuse or forced marriage.

Contact Men's Adviceline, a specialist helpline offering listening, emotional support, information and advice.

The Civil Legal Advice helpline is a free legal advice service in England and Wales. You may be able to get free advice on housing, family and other problems if you are eligible for legal aid. The helpline can provide contact details of solicitors in your area who may be able to help you.

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