Eviction rights checker

Eviction checker

Can my landlord evict me?

To answer this question, we need to check your legal status. Your rights will vary a lot depending on who your landlord is and when your agreement started. In some cases these factors will override what is written in the agreement itself. Landlords have to follow different rules depending on the type of agreement you have.

Question 1 Have you received a letter from the court bailiffs?

This letter is a formal legal document (form N54), which comes from the court and is called a ‘Notice of eviction’. It tells you the date and time the bailiffs will arrive to evict you. It is not the same as the initial notice that most landlords have to give you before they can apply for a court order.

Start again?

We can't guarantee that the results of this assessment will always be 100% accurate. If you're unsure about any details, or if your circumstances are not covered, use our directory to find a local advice centre or talk to Shelter.

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