Eviction of private tenants

Eviction of assured shorthold tenants

Most tenants in privately rented homes are assured shorthold tenants. They can be evicted quite easily, but landlords must follow the rules and procedures

Eviction with a Section 21 Notice

There are three steps which a landlord must follow to evict assured shorthold tenants.

Eviction using the accelerated possession procedure

Accelerated possession proceedings allow a landlord to evict assured shorthold tenants without the need for a court hearing

Eviction of assured tenants

Eviction of assured tenants has to be for certain reasons. Use our information to see when landlords can evict assured tenants and the procedures involved

Eviction of regulated tenants

You could be a regulated tenant if your tenancy started before 15 January 1989. Regulated tenants have strong rights and can only be evicted in certain circumstances.

Eviction notices from private landlords

Being given notice by your landlord is the start of eviction proceedings. Most tenants are entitled to be given written notice, but not all

Eviction of occupiers with basic protection

Occupiers with basic protection have limited rights when it comes to eviction, but procedures must be followed. Find out how and when landlords can evict.

Eviction of excluded occupiers

If you live with your landlord you may be an excluded occupier. A landlord can evict you without the need to go to court, but you do have certain rights