Rent arrears

Rent arrears could mean you are at risk of losing your home. If you have rent arrears or are struggling to pay your rent you need to take action. Don't ignore the problem or you could be evicted.

Eviction for rent arrears

How you are evicted for rent arrears depends on your tenancy type. If your landlord takes steps to evict you, it may still be possible to keep your home

Rent arrears in social housing

Your council or housing association landlord must follow pre-action protocol rules before they can take steps to evict you for rent arrears

Checking the amount of rent arrears

Check the amount of rent arrears you owe to your landlord. You might not agree with the amount of rent arrears your landlord says you owe

Rent arrears due to a housing benefit claim

Delays in paying your housing benefit can cause rent arrears. Make sure you give the council all the information it needs to process your claim

Negotiating over rent arrears

Negotiate with your landlord if you have rent arrears. You may be able to come to an arrangement and avoid court action. Get any agreement in writing

Reducing rent arrears

Reducing rent arrears is important as you could be evicted if you fall behind with your rent. Get practical tips on paying off your rent arrears