Where to stay in an emergency

Emergency housing advice

Get emergency housing advice if you're homeless, or going to be homeless soon. Find out about Shelter’s helpline and other types of emergency housing advice

Emergency housing from the council

Homeless with nowhere to stay now? Contact your local council. They may be able to help with emergency housing.

Nightshelters and hostels

If you're homeless, a nightshelter or hostel could provide a bed for the night. Find out more about nightshelters and emergency hostels for homeless people

B&Bs for homeless people

If you apply as homeless, the council may temporarily put you in a B&B. Families and pregnant women shouldn’t have to stay in B&Bs for more than 6 weeks

Nightstop schemes for 16 to 25 year olds

Nightstop schemes arrange emergency housing for a few nights for homeless young people aged 16 to 25. Nightstop schemes are not available in every area

Women's refuges

Women’s refuges can offer emergency and temporary accommodation if you're homeless because of domestic abuse. Find out more about women’s refuges

Staying with friends

If you’re homeless and need a place to stay immediately, staying with friends can be a good temporary solution, but it doesn't give you many rights

Staying in a hostel

A hostel will provide temporary accommodation for single homeless people in urgent need of housing. But some hostels may ask for a referral from an agency.

Eviction from hostels

If you break the rules of the hostel where you're staying, it's easy for the hostel to evict you. It doesn't need a court order to do this