Help from the council when homeless

How to apply as homeless

Practical information about what's involved in making a homelessness application, including how, when and where you should apply.

How a council decides you are homeless

The council has to check you qualify before making a decision on your homelessness application. Find out what it looks at to make its decision

Are you homeless?

A local council could help you if you are homeless or likely to be homeless soon

Are you eligible for help?

The council has to consider certain issues before it decides whether a person making a homelessness application is eligible for assistance

Are you in priority need?

You may be in priority need and entitled to emergency housing from the council. Check if you are in a category for priority need

Are you intentionally homeless?

If the council decides that you’re 'intentionally homeless', you may have to leave temporary accommodation, but you may be able to challenge the decision

Do you have a local connection?

In some situations, the council may refer you to another council area if you don't have a local connection. The council must follow rules to do this

Homelessness applications

An overview of what happens when you apply to the council for help if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness

Options when the council won’t help

The council may say it is unable to help you, but it may be possible to challenge this decision