Homeless and on the streets

How to get help on the streets

If you’re rough sleeping, day centres, outreach workers and specialist agencies could provide help and support. Find out more if you're sleeping rough

How to survive living on the streets

It’s important to keep warm, safe and healthy if you're living on the streets. Get help with food, clothes, money, health and finding a place to stay

How day centres help homeless people

Day centres are more than a warm place to be when you are homeless and on the streets. They could help you with a referral to a hostel or nightshelter

How to get into a hostel or nightshelter

Some hostels and nightshelters will offer you a place if you contact them direct, but for many you’ll need a referral from a homelessness outreach worker

10 ways to keep safe on the streets

If you’re rough sleeping or on the streets with nowhere to stay, try to look after yourself, keep safe and warm, and stay in touch with friends and family

Homeless in London

Are you single and homeless in London? Find out how London homelessness services will help you off the streets or to return to your home town or country

10 key contacts when homeless in London

Whether you're a British citizen, a European national or citizen of another country, find out who to contact if you're homeless in London and settled there


Squatting in a residential property is a criminal offence, but squatting in a commercial property is not. Find out more about squatting and the law