Homeless EU and EEA nationals

If you are from the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), you may be able to get help from the council if you become homeless, but your rights are restricted in the first 3 months of your stay

EU nationals: restricted rights in the first 3 months

All European nationals with citizenship of an EU or EEA country have an automatic right to reside in the UK for three months after arriving in the UK.

If you are not working

If you are not working during these first three months, you will not be eligible to:

  • get help with emergency or settled housing from the council if you become homeless
  • apply to go on the council's waiting list for housing
  • claim housing benefit or other UK welfare benefits

If you are working

Rules for EU and EEA workers for housing and benefits apply if you are an EU or EEA national working during the first three months of your stay in the UK.

EU workers: help with housing and benefits

Workers from most EU and EEA countries are entitled to apply for help with benefits and housing in the UK, but more restrictive rules apply to Croatian nationals.

EU workers and their family members have the right to apply for:

If you are homeless

Contact your local council immediately to ask about making a homeless application if you are homelessness or you will become homeless in the next 28 days.

Read Shelter's guide Homeless? Read this (32 pages) for more information on homelessness

More help and advice

Find out more about your homelessness rights if you are: