Applying for housing benefit

Claiming housing benefit

You get a housing benefit claim form from the council or you can claim when applying for other benefits.

Backdating housing benefit

You may be able to get your housing benefit backdated for a limited period. Different time limits apply for working age and pension age claimants.

How long before housing benefit is paid

Once you have applied for housing benefit the council should assess and pay your housing benefit within two weeks. See what you can do if there is a delay.

How to speed up your claim

Actively following up on your housing benefit claim and checking you've provided all the information needed may help prevent avoidable delays

Payment on account

If you are a private or housing association tenant, you could be eligible for housing benefit interim payments to help you pay your rent until your claim is processed

How to reclaim housing benefit

There is no limit to how long you can claim housing benefit. But if your circumstances change, you might receive less or no longer be eligible

Who does housing benefit get paid to?

Depending on your circumstances, housing benefit may be paid to you or directly to your landlord.

Non-dependant deductions

The amount of housing benefit you receive may be reduced if another adult lives in your home.