Housing benefit reform

Housing benefit rules have been changing. The 'bedroom tax' and the benefit cap were introduced in April 2013. Although funds for discretionary housing payments have been increased, help with rent shortfalls will be limited.

Housing benefit changes

Housing benefit rules for council and housing association tenants changed from April 2013 and the benefit cap was introduced, reducing and limiting benefits

Benefit cap

From April 2013, the benefit cap places an upper limit on the total amount of benefits that can be claimed, affecting many families and single parents

The bedroom tax

Confused by the new bedroom tax? From April 2013, bedroom tax has affected council and housing association tenants with spare bedrooms or extra rooms

Bedroom tax loophole

The bedroom tax cuts to housing benefit should not have been applied to everybody. A legal loophole in the bedroom tax means you may get a refund.

Bedroom tax - what you can do

Find out how you can make up the shortfall if your housing benefit is cut because of the bedroom tax. Know your options if you have to move home

Discretionary housing payments (DHP)

Discretionary housing payments (DHP) could help you if you get housing benefit but can't afford to pay all your rent . Payments are usually for a short time