Reporting family and income changes

Changes in circumstances affecting housing benefit

A change in your circumstances may affect the amount of housing benefit you receive. See what changes you have to report.

What changes to report

You must report changes affecting housing benefit. Check what changes have to be reported and what happens if you have been overpaid housing benefit

Housing benefit on a zero hour contract or variable income

Report your changing income to the housing benefit office if you are on a zero hours contract or work varying hours

Housing benefit before moving in

Housing benefit is normally only paid from the time you move into your home. In limited circumstances it can be paid for up to four weeks before you move in.

Housing benefit for two homes

Housing benefit for two homes can sometimes be paid, but usually only for a limited period

Housing benefit when a tenancy ends

In limited circumstances housing benefit can be paid for a period after you move out of your home. Find out how to make a claim.

When away from home

Housing benefit while away from home may be payable for up to 4,13 or 52 weeks, depending on the reason for your absence.