About housing benefit

What is housing benefit?

Housing benefit – find out if you are entitled to claim housing benefit, what housing benefit covers and what rules will apply to your situation

What is local housing allowance (LHA)?

Local housing allowance (LHA) is used to work out how much housing benefit you can get if you rent privately.

How housing benefit is calculated

Housing benefit calculations are based on a number of things. Check your own personal circumstances and see how your housing benefit is calculated

Housing benefit: renting from family

Claiming housing benefit if renting from family will depend on the type of rental arrangement and your relationship with the family member you rent from

For young people

Most young people who rent privately can only get housing benefit to cover the cost of renting in shared accommodation.

If you are under 35

If you are a single private renter under the age of 35, you are usually only entitled to housing benefit at the shared accommodation rate. Some people are exempt.

For students

Most full time students are not eligible to claim housing benefit. Part-time students can usually claim housing benefit.

For prisoners

Housing benefit for prisoners can be paid for a limited time if you are remanded, sent to prison or allowed home detention curfew

For mobile homes

Housing benefit can be claimed for mobile homes, to help with rent or pitch fees, if you receive welfare benefits or have a low income

Housing benefit for pre-2008 private tenants

Housing benefit claimed by private tenants before April 2008 is more generous than for those claiming later. See how these housing benefit rules affect you