Housing benefit for mobile homes

You can claim housing benefit for a mobile home if you have a low income or receive benefits. Housing benefit can pay rent or pitch fees.

Housing benefit for mobile homes

Mobile homes include caravans and mobile homes occupied by people with a travelling tradition. This includes Gypsies, Travellers and travelling show people. 

You can also claim housing benefit if you live on a permanent mobile home site.

You make a claim for housing benefit in the usual way.

Gypsies and Travellers on council-owned sites

The maximum amount of rent that qualifies for housing benefit can only be restricted if the council says your home is too large for your needs or the rent is unreasonably high.

This applies if you are staying on a council owned site, or living in a mobile home or caravan provided by a county council on a travellers' site.

Housing benefit if you rent a mobile home

The council decides on the maximum rent payable for mobile homes by considering rents for similar properties in the area. Rents for traditional bricks and mortar homes are considered as well as mobile homes.

There is no upper limit on the number of bedrooms you can claim for.

Housing benefit if you own a mobile home

You can get housing benefit towards your pitch or site fees if you own your mobile home, but not if they are paid under a long lease.

Housing benefit won't cover hire purchase fees for your home's purchase.

Get advice if you are having any problems making a claim for housing benefit.

Use Shelter's directory to find a local advice centre.

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