Loans, debt and bankruptcy

Where to get help with debts

There’s no need to pay to get help with debts. Find out where you can get information and specialist help with debts - by phone, in person or online.

Credit union loans

A credit union could be a much better alternative to expensive short-term credit, such as payday loans. Find out more about credit unions and how they work

Priority and non-priority debts

If you’re struggling with debts, it is important to know which ones are priority debts and which are non-priority debts. Find out more about priority debts

Credit card debt

If your monthly credit card bill has become a problem, you could be getting into debt. Don’t risk a poor credit history. Get advice about credit card debt

County Court Judgments (CCJs)

A County Court Judgment (CCJ) will affect your credit history. Find out more about what a CCJ could mean to you and how you may be able to deal with it

Consolidating debts

It’s a big risk to consolidate your debts by taking out one single loan to pay off all or some of your other debts if the loan is secured against your home


You could lose your home if one of your creditors makes you bankrupt. Make sure you know the risks and get debt advice before serious money problems grow

Alternatives to bankruptcy

There are alternatives to bankruptcy. Find out more about administration orders, debt relief orders (DROs) and individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs)

Debt solutions

Can you get your debt written off? Or find another solution to debt problems using debt management plans, token payments or a voluntary charge on your home