Costs of renting

Costs of private renting

If you’re thinking about privately renting a house or flat, you may have to pay upfront costs as well as ongoing bills. See what you may need to pay.

Budgeting money for rent

Moving to a private rented home? As well as the rent, you'll have to budget for a tenancy deposit and essentials such as fuel and food

Letting agent fees for tenants

Know what letting agents can charge before and after you move in, and what to check before taking on a tenancy. Find out about holding deposits

Rent in advance

Most landlords ask new tenants to pay a month's rent in advance. You may be able to apply for a budgeting loan to help pay for this

What is a tenancy deposit?

A tenancy deposit provides security for a landlord against damage or financial loss from unpaid rent

Rent deposit, bond and guarantee schemes

Rent deposit schemes and rent guarantee and bond schemes could help if you don't have a deposit. See how they work if you want to rent privately.

Private tenancy rent increases

Rules on rent increases in a privately rented home depend on the type of tenancy you have.