Private renting agreements

Understanding renting agreements

Check to make sure your tenancy agreement is fair. Know your rights with written or verbal agreements, and what happens when they run out

Assured shorthold tenancies

The most common type of tenancy with private landlords. Assured shorthold tenancies usually last for 6 or 12 months and give you limited rights

Assured tenancies

This section explains the rights you have if you are an assured tenant with a private landlord

Regulated tenancies

A pre-15 January 1989 regulated tenancy with a private landlord is a long term private tenancy that gives you the right to a fair rent

Joint tenancies

Living with other people as joint tenants means you’re all responsible for the whole rent, even if someone moves out. Find out if you’re a joint tenant

Agreements in shared homes

Will you have separate tenancies, a joint tenancy, or a tenancy in only one person's name? This decision will have a big impact on your rights.