Problems with renting

Private renting pitfalls

Before agreeing to a rental contract it's important to understand the agreement and consider what may happen if things go wrong or you can't pay the rent

Seven problems with private renting

From housing benefit delays, to repairs, to a landlord refusing to return your deposit. See the most common problems when renting from a private landlord

Complaints about private landlords

Complaints about private landlords can be made in a number of ways. Use our information to see how you can make a complaint about a private landlord

Right to rent immigration checks

Landlords and agents have a new duty to check their tenants are living in the UK legally and therefore have the 'right to rent'.

Court action for return of lodgers deposits

If you are a lodger or live in a student halls of residence, you can take your landlord to court if they don't return your deposit

How to find your landlord

Tenants have the right to know the contact details of their landlords

Letting agent redress schemes

From 1 October 2014, all letting agents must be a member of a letting agency redress scheme

Complaints about letting agents

Complaints about letting agencies can be made to your landlord, trade bodies or ombudsman. Find out more about how to complain about letting agents

Problems with letting agents

You shouldn't pay fees to a letting agency until they've found you a place. See what you can do if you're unhappy about fees or the service they give you