How to rent a home

Ways to find a private rented home

Search for a rented home using the internet, letting agencies, or local sources of information such as libraries and community centres

How to rent from a private landlord or letting agent

You need references and proof you can pay the rent when you apply to rent a property. Ask about fees and the tenancy agreement before you sign anything

How landlords and letting agents check tenants

Once you’ve found a place to rent, be ready to act quickly and have your documents ready. See what you may need to provide for your landlord to check

Using a letting agent to find and rent a home

Many people who rent their home do it through a letting agency. Find out what letting agencies do and what they can legally charge you for

Making an inventory

Making an inventory should make it easier to get your tenancy deposit back when your tenancy ends. Find out all you need to know about making an inventory

Tips for viewing a home

Read our top ten tips for things to check when renting a home