Repairs in private rented homes

Most repairs in private rented properties are the landlords’ responsibility, although the tenant will also have some repairing obligations. This section looks at how to get repairs done in private rented homes, and what action to take if you can't get repair work done.

How to report repairs to your landlord

Reporting repairs to your landlord in the right way may help if there are problems later. Find out more about reporting repairs to a landlord.

When repair works cause problems

After reporting repairs, your landlord will need to make arrangements. See what you can do if work isn't done properly, or if it causes major disruption.

If your landlord refuses to do repairs

If your landlord is refusing to do repairs there are things you can do. Use our information to see what you can do about landlords refusing to do repairs.

Asking the council for help with repairs

Bad conditions in your home can put health at risk. Environmental health departments can sometimes force private landlords to carry out repairs.

Taking legal action over disrepair

You can take legal action if a landlord refuses to carry out repairs, or has left repair work unfinished. But first there are steps you must take.