Repairs in private rented homes

If a private landlord refuses to do repairs

There are steps you can take to get repairs done to your home if your landlord ignores your requests, or takes too long to complete the work

How to report repairs to a private landlord

Reporting repairs to your landlord in the right way may help if there are problems later. Find out more about reporting repairs to a landlord

Eviction if you ask for repairs

Things to consider before you take action to ask a private landlord to do repairs

Problems with landlord's repair works

After reporting repairs, your landlord needs to make arrangements. Find out what to do if work isn't done properly, or if it causes major disruption

Damage to your private rented home

Normal wear and tear is to be expected during your tenancy, but if you accidentally damage something in your rented home, you will have to pay for repairs.

Moving due to disrepair

Moving out due to disrepair may be a good option and if major repairs are needed, you may not have much choice. It is important to understand your rights.

Housing standards in private rented homes

If you live in rented accommodation your home should meet minimum legal standards for health and safety