Repairs in social housing

This section explains the rights you have if your home needs repairs and you rent from a council or housing association.

What counts as a decent home?

Council and housing association homes should meet the 'Decent Homes Standard'. Your landlord may improve your home so that it meets this standard.

Repairs and maintenance

Rights and responsibilities for repairs and maintenance are generally the same for council or housing association tenants. Find out more...

Poor conditions in council or housing association homes

What you can do if conditions in your council or housing association home are damaging your health or causing a nuisance to other people.

Right to repair scheme

The right to repair scheme aims to get councils carry out small repairs quickly.

If a social landlord won't repair your home

If a council or housing association refuses to carry out repairs, takes too long, or does them badly, you can complain and take steps to get them done.

How to report repairs

Explains to tenants the rules about reporting repairs needed to the council or housing association and allowing access to the property.

Disruption during repairs in social housing

What you can do if the council or housing association arranges repairs that are disruptive, or the work is done badly.