About repossession

What is repossession?

Find out about repossession for mortgage arrears, what happens when a lender wants to repossess your home and what you can do to keep and stay in your home

Seven steps to house repossession

There are seven steps before a mortgage lender can repossess your house or flat. You may be able to stop the repossession at any stage.

Voluntary repossession: handing back the keys

You still have to pay your mortgage if you give your home back to your mortgage lender. Your debts could increase while you wait for the property to be sold

Repossession if you have a secured loan or second mortgage

Are you struggling to pay a second mortgage or secured loan taken out against the value of your home? Find out what happens if you are behind with your payments

Repossession by a landlord's lender

Repossession by a landlord’s lender happens because a landlord has not been keeping up to date with the mortgage repayments. Tenants need to act quickly ...

How to prevent repossession

Practical ideas if you're falling behind with your mortgage - from negotiating with your lender to government help. Our tips can help you keep your home.