Court action and bailiffs

Eviction by bailiffs after repossession

You can only be evicted by bailiffs after your lender is granted a possession order. Act quickly to delay or stop eviction by bailiffs

Court decisions about repossession

If a lender applies to a court to repossess your home, a judge may make a court order. Different types of court order can be made at a repossession hearing

What happens at a repossession hearing

If a mortgage lender takes you to court to repossess your property, make sure you attend the court hearing. It's also your chance to try to keep your home.

How to argue against repossession

An outline of some of the defences homeowners may be able to use to stop a repossession and keep their home.

How to prepare for a repossession hearing

Explains what happens once your lender or freeholder has applied to the court to evict you, and the steps you should take.