Ways to prevent repossession

Rules mortgage lenders must follow

The pre-action protocol for mortgage arrears means lenders should take all reasonable steps to avoid repossession of a homeowner's home.

Get legal advice for repossession

If you're facing having your home repossessed you may need legal advice. You may be eligible for legal aid and there are also free sources of legal help

Facing repossession: consider all your options

Afraid of losing your home through mortgage repossession? Use our guide to explore your options to help keep your home, before or after court action

How to make a proposal to a mortgage lender

If your mortgage lender is threatening you with repossession, making a proposal for sorting out your arrears may help you keep your home

Repossession: how to avoid court action for arrears

How it may be possible to prevent court action for repossession if your lender wants to repossess your home because of mortgage arrears