Sharing and subletting

If you decide to share a home with a landlord, or rent from another tenant, remember to choose carefully who you live with and to check that you understand your rights. Your rights will also be affected by the type of tenancy you have.


Thinking of being someone's lodger? Or taking in a lodger yourself? Check that it's allowed first, and make sure both parties understand their rights.


A subtenant rents their home, either a room or the whole property, from another tenant. This usually gives very little protection from eviction

Occupiers with basic protection

If you're living in the same building as your landlord you may be classed as an 'occupier with basic protection'. This gives you limited tenancy rights

Excluded occupiers

If you rent from a private landlord and are an excluded occupier (for example if you life in your landlord's home) you have very few tenancy rights