Getting your deposit back

Tenancy deposits: deductions your landlord can make

Landlords shouldn't make deductions from a tenancy deposit unless they can show financial loss, for example due to damage or unpaid rent

How to get a tenancy deposit back

A landlord should return your deposit when a tenancy ends. Check to see what you can do if your landlord refuses to return your tenancy deposit

Tenancy deposit refund claims

Court action to get your deposit back at the end of a tenancy is a last resort if your landlord fails to follow the rules to protect your tenancy deposit

Tenancy deposit compensation claims

Courts can order landlords to return deposits and pay compensation to assured shorthold tenants if tenancy deposit protection rules aren't followed

Negotiating the return of lodgers deposits

Negotiating the return of your tenancy deposit is the stage before taking your landlord to court if your deposit is unprotected

Court action for return of lodgers deposits

If you are a lodger or are living in a student halls of residence, you can take your landlord to court if they don't return your deposit.