Tenancy deposit protection

If you have an assured shorthold tenancy, your landlord must safeguard your deposit with a UK government-backed tenancy deposit scheme.

What is a tenancy deposit?

A tenancy deposit provides security for a landlord against damage or financial loss from unpaid rent

How deposit protection schemes work

Tenancy deposit protection schemes were introduced to protect a tenant's deposit. Find out how the schemes can help you

See if your tenancy deposit is protected

Check online to see if your tenancy deposit is protected in one of the three UK government-backed tenancy deposit protection schemes

Tenancy deposit scheme penalties

Landlords who fail to protect an assured shorthold tenancy deposit lose their right to evict and face court claims for compensation

Protecting your tenancy deposit

A deposit protection scheme must be used to protect a tenant’s deposit. Check your tenancy rights and how to ensure the protection of your tenancy deposit