Residential property tribunals

Some decisions made by the council can be appealed by applying to the residential property tribunal.

Disputes the residential property tribunal deals with

Residential property tribunals may be able to help if the council makes a decision about your home that you are not happy about.

They can deal with disputes about a range of issues, for example if:

  • you are refused the right to buy your council home because your home is particularly suitable for elderly people (but not for any other reason)
  • the council makes an improvement notice ordering someone to deal with hazards in their home and they want to appeal
  • the council is applying for an empty dwelling management order or you want to appeal against one

The tribunal can also deal with appeals:

  • against prohibition notices
  • against emergency remedial notices and emergency prohibition orders
  • and applications for demolition orders and closing orders

Find out more from about residential property tribunals.

Applying to a residential property tribunal

Application forms and information about how to apply are available from

You need to send written evidence before the hearing. You cannot take any new written evidence to the hearing itself.

Get advice about going to a tribunal. Use our directory to find an adviser.

Residential property tribunal hearings

You can represent yourself at residential property tribunal hearings but you can also bring an adviser or solicitor.

Find out more about advice and representation from a specialist housing adviser or solicitor.

In some cases, the residential property tribunal may want to inspect your home. They can only do this you agree. The inspection may be scheduled for the same day as the hearing.

The landlord is normally allowed to be present at the inspection but you can refuse permission.

The hearing is open to the public

Residential property tribunal decisions

Once the residential property tribunal has all the necessary information, it makes its decision, usually within a few days of the hearing or inspection.

The residential property tribunal decision is binding on both you and your landlord.

Complaints about the decision of a residential property tribunal

Get advice from a specialist adviser or solicitor if you are unhappy with a residential property tribunal decision. There may be ways to challenge the decision.

Appeals must be made within 14 days of the date you were informed of the decision.


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