Universal credit

Universal credit – an introduction

Universal credit is a new benefit that will eventually replace a number of benefits, including housing benefit. Find out more.

Universal credit timetable

Universal credit is a new benefit being introduced in stages across the UK.

What benefits does universal credit replace?

Universal credit replaces housing benefit, certain tax credits and some means tested benefits. Certain benefits will no longer be available.

Housing costs under universal credit

Housing costs has replaced housing benefit if you’re claiming universal credit. See how the single monthly payment will affect your housing costs.

Housing costs – key features

Universal credit helps with housing costs such as rent, mortgage interest and some service charges. Find out about housing costs and universal credit.

Can universal credit be paid direct to a landlord?

Universal credit may be paid direct to your landlord if you have trouble managing money or have rent arrears. A landlord may even ask for direct payments.

Short-term advances of universal credit

You may have to wait up to five weeks for your first universal credit payment, but can apply for a short-term advance if the wait will cause you hardship

Budgeting advances under universal credit

If you're claiming universal credit and need to pay an unexpected one-off or emergency expense, a budgeting advance may be able to help you.