Universal credit timetable

Universal credit is a new benefit that is being introduced in stages across the UK.

Phased rollout from 2014 to 2021

The full roll-out of universal credit started in April 2014 after it was introduced and tested in four pilot areas in northwest England. The roll out of universal credit should be complete by 2021.

In selected areas, people making new claims for benefit will claim universal credit instead of any of the benefits that universal credit replaces.

Find out from Gov.uk the areas where Universal Credit is now being claimed.

If you already receive one of the benefits that are being replaced, you'll have your claim transferred to universal credit. Your local Jobcentre Plus will be in touch with details of the changeover process once it is due to start in your area. 

Top-up payments after your claim is transferred

You may get top up payments known as transitional protection if you would be entitled to less money when your claim is transferred to universal credit. These payments may help you for a limited period.


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