What's your housing situation?

Housing problems? Not sure which way to turn? Here's a selection of housing related advice topics chosen for you, to help you find your way.

Homeless or at risk

What to do if you're homeless or facing homelessness, including applying for council assistance and the types of accommodation you could get.

Rent or mortgage worries

Advice and information for struggling homeowners, such as dealing with mortgage arrears, avoiding repossession and getting help if facing court action.

Private renting

Private renting - advice and information on issues and concerns when renting privately, from private tenants rights to rent deposits to problem landlords.

Council tenants

Advice and information for council tenants, such council tenant’s rights, council tenancies, the right to buy, the rules on rent arrears and benefits.

Housing association tenants

Information and advice for housing association tenants, such as tenancy types, tenancy rights, the right to acquire, rules on rent arrears and benefits.

First time buyers

Advice and information for first time buyers, such as choosing the right mortgage, the costs of buying a home and options such as homeownership schemes.

People with children

Advice and information for people with children who are dealing with housing problems, homelessness, overcrowded accommodation or financial problems.

Prisoners and ex-offenders

Information and advice for prisoners and ex-offenders including keeping your home, help with rent arrears, eviction, homelessness and benefits.

Armed forces

Information and advice for armed forces and ex-forces personnel on housing options, homelessness and benefits

Relationship breakdown

Advice on housing and money issues if you are facing relationship breakdown.