Prisoners and ex-offenders

Prisoners and ex-offenders - advice and information such as help with a mortgage, housing benefit and benefit entitlements, keeping your home, rent arrears, eviction and homelessness.

Can your partner claim housing benefit?

Your partner may be able to claim housing benefit when you are in prison, even if their name is not on the tenancy.

Reduce rent arrears

A discretionary housing payment could help you with rent arrears that built up when you were in prison.

If you will be homeless when released

Find out when a local council may help you with advice or housing if you will be homeless when released from prison. Don't risk sleeping on the streets.

Housing benefit when on remand

You may get housing benefit for a rented home for up to 52 weeks if you are on remand. Find out how.

Keeping your council house

Don’t give up your council home in return for the promise of a new tenancy without getting the agreement in writing.

Can you keep your tenancy?

See what action you can take when you are in prison to avoid being evicted from a home you are renting.

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