How to report repairs to a private landlord

Find out how to report repairs to a private landlord.

Check if your landlord is responsible for repairs

Your landlord is responsible for fixing most repair problems in your rented home. 

Your landlord is not responsible for fixing repairs in your home until they are told about the problem. They don't have to be told about repair problems in common areas like shared hallways, but it is always best to let them know.

You could be responsible for repairs if you damaged your home.

Check your tenancy agreement. It usually says who is responsible for repair problems.

Report gas leaks immediately

Act now if there is a gas leak or you notice any signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Call the Gas emergency number 0800 111 999

Report repairs in writing

Report all repair issues to your landlord as soon as possible. You can report repairs to your letting agent if they manage the property on behalf of the landlord.

You can tell the landlord or letting agent about the repair problem in person, by phone or text. You should also write to them or email them to confirm the details.

Use Shelter's template letter to write to your landlord to ask for repairs.

You'll be able to prove the landlord got your letter if you use the Royal Mail's signed for service

Keep a record of progress

Make sure you keep a record of all your contact with your landlord about the repair problem.

This can include:

  • copies of letters and emails to and from your landlord
  • dates of any visits to your home from your landlord
  • date and time of phone calls made to your landlord, and what was said

Use Shelter's phone log checklist to keep a record of phone calls.

It helps if you can show you told your landlord about the problem if there's a dispute about repairs not being done.

Take action if there is no response

If there is no response or you can't find your landlord, find out what to do if your landlord won't do repairs.

Get advice if your landlord threatens eviction

Some landlords start legal action for eviction if tenants ask for repairs. This is known as a revenge eviction.

You may have some protection from a revenge eviction if you have an assured shorthold tenancy.

Get advice if you reported repairs and your landlord told you to leave or you're worried they might.

Contact a Shelter adviser online, by phone or in person.

Find out what happens if you don't report repairs

Your tenancy agreement might say that reporting repairs is a condition of your tenancy.

If you don't report repairs:

Problems with repairs or conditions in your home could also be a health and safety issue.

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