Making renting stable

Your views on longer tenancies

With over a million families now renting, we think that more needs to be done to make renting stable.

We’re working on a project in the North East, encouraging landlords to introduce longer tenancies. We’re interested in hearing your views and getting your feedback on the Stable Rental Contract we’ve developed.

Government research shows that renting families are nine times as likely to have moved in the last year as families who own their own home. And 44% of renting parents surveyed said their child would have a better childhood if they had more stability in their home. Longer tenancies could provide families with more predictability – letting them make plans for their children’s futures.

We know some landlords have reservations about introducing longer terms, so we’d like to hear what you think. Share your views below:

Shelter has worked with a solicitors’ firm to develop a model agreement for longer tenancies of three and five years. In this agreement:

  • there is a break clause for landlords if you are selling the property
  • there is a two-month break clause for tenants, to allow for a change in circumstances
  • rental increases are linked to inflation, giving landlords predictable, stable income.

Please take a look at the agreement here.

Shelter will be summarising the submissions received in a report about longer tenancies. All contributions will remain anonymous.

Please indicate if you do not want your anonymised comments to appear in our report.

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