Give people real change. Leave a gift in your will to Shelter.

We’re in a housing emergency. Millions of lives are being ruined. And we’ll never
properly solve it through small changes.

We need the type of change that will define a new era – one where millions of people can escape the damp and the cold and find a safe place to call home.

You can help make that real change happen with a gift in your will.

We need real change for children like Angel

Angel is just 13 years old and her childhood is being ruined by the housing emergency. Forced into temporary accommodation with her mum and two little sisters, she constantly worries about what will happen next.

Angel is just one of thousands of children currently living without a proper home. A generation is struggling – being denied a safe place to eat, study and sleep. You can help rescue a whole generation of children from the hell of homelessness with a gift in your will.

If you want to make real change happen, leave a gift to Shelter in your will.

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It’s time to say enough

We need big change to solve the UK’s housing emergency – and by leaving a gift to us in your will, you can be part of it.

No matter how big or small, leaving a gift in your will can help us give struggling families the support they need, and give us the strength to define a new era. One where everyone can escape homelessness.

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Our vision for change

Here's what your gift could help us do...


3m more social homes

In the future, thanks in part to your gift, we could bring about an historic renewal of social housing. And we could make sure that, in the future, everyone has a place to call home.


Force through new rent reform laws

Your gift could help campaign for renters’ rights, and protect people from exploitation and unsafe housing.


Fight for housing rights

Your gift could help our support services stand beside people as they fight for their housing rights, against injustices like unfair eviction.


Create a movement

Your gift could help create a movement that defines a new era – one where everyone has a safe place to live.

A gift in your will could help millions have a place to call home.

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I decided to leave a gift in my will to Shelter, because I want to give people real change.

If you’re sick of seeing the housing emergency only get worse, will you join me?

Claire, Shelter supporter


Get in touch

If you have any questions about leaving a legacy to Shelter, please contact our Legacy Adviser, Kate McGrath, on 0344 515 2062 or