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Leave a gift in your will to Shelter – and give people change

We’re in a housing emergency. Millions of lives are being ruined. We need change. Real change.

We need the kind of change that will define a new era – one where everyone can find a safe place to call home.

You can help make real change happen with a gift in your will to Shelter. 

How to leave a gift in your will

1. Get your free guide

Get your guide to gifts in wills and all the practical information you need to leave a gift in your will to Shelter.

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2. Write your will for free

Use our partner will writing services to write or amend your will for free – with expert support.

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3. Let us know

If you’re comfortable, we’d love to hear if you’re planning to leave a gift in your will to Shelter – and say thank you.

Tell us your plans

If you have any questions about leaving a gift in your will, please get in touch at or on 0344 515 1617.

Why leave a gift in your will

By including a gift in your will to Shelter, you can give families like Sireena's real change.

For six years, Sireena and her son Ethan lived in temporary accommodation. Lethal black mould seeped into everything. Sometimes they went months without access to clean drinking water.

With nowhere else to turn, Sireena called Shelter, and together we filed complaint after complaint – forcing the council to listen.

At last, Sireena and Ethan found a safe, secure social home.

No family should have to live through that. But over 140,000 children are homeless in England right now. That's 1 in every 100 children. The highest level it's ever been.

We need change. Real change. A gift in your will could help make it happen.

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What your gift could do

A new generation of social homes

Your gift could help bring about a historic renewal of social housing so that, in the future, everyone has a place to call home.

Fight for housing rights

Your gift could help our support services stand shoulder to shoulder with people as they fight for their housing rights, taking on injustices like unfair eviction.

Force through new rent reform laws

Your gift could help fuel the campaign for renters’ rights, and protect people from exploitation and unsafe housing.

Create a movement

Your gift could help galvanise a movement that defines a new era. A movement that forces the government to recognise the housing emergency – and take action to end it.

As a social worker, I supported families who were struggling. I’ve seen the housing emergency first hand.

It’s a disgrace. But I believe that we can make change happen – and that’s why I’ve included a gift in my will to Shelter.

Will you join me?

Claire, Shelter supporter

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Administering a will

If you’re the executor of a will that includes a gift to Shelter, we’re here to help.

Information for executors

Legacy and community events

At these special events, we'll discuss how gifts in wills can help us achieve the change we need to end the housing emergency.

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Contact us

If you have any questions about leaving a gift in your will to Shelter, please contact Daisy in our Gifts in Wills team.