Council housing

We have advice for council and housing association tenants as well as people who are on the housing register or want to apply for a home.

Get on the housing register or waiting list

How to apply for a council or housing association home - our guide tells you who can apply, how to apply, who gets priority and how long you might have to wait for a home.

How to move up the waiting list - read this if your situation has changed or you think the council has made a mistake about your priority.

When to ask for a review of a waiting list decision - what to do if your application is refused, if you think you should have more priority or if a tenancy offer is unsuitable.

Immigration and habitual residence conditions - these rules could affect you if you've recently arrived in the UK.

How to get homeless help from the council - this is different to applying to the waiting list.

Transfers and exchanges

Tenancy transfers

Tenancy exchanges

Assigning a tenancy

Inheriting a tenancy

Can you inherit a council tenancy?

Can you inherit a housing association tenancy?

Council and housing association tenancies: when the tenant dies

Check your tenancy rights

Council and housing association tenants often have strong tenancy rights. Find out more about your rights based on your tenancy type.

Council tenancies

Secure council tenancies

Introductory council tenancies

Flexible council tenancies

Housing association tenancies

Assured tenancies with housing associations

Housing association starter tenancies

Assured shorthold tenancies with housing associations

Secure housing association tenancies


You can complain directly to the council or housing association.

If you're not happy with their response you can usually complain to a free independent organisation called an ombudsman.

How to complain about a council or housing association

Last updated: 9 January 2022

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