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Volunteer for Shelter

From raising funds in our shops or local communities, to helping those directly impacted by the housing emergency and campaigning for lasting change, there are so many ways you can volunteer with us.

Our volunteers are fighting for home

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, especially those with lived experience of homelessness and unsafe housing. We know our diverse community of volunteers is an asset to Shelter, bringing valuable perspectives and empathy to everything we do.

How to become a volunteer

1. Apply for a role

Start by browsing our current volunteering opportunities to find a role and location that are suitable for you. Click ‘fill in an application’, enter your details and press ‘submit application’.

2. Application received

Thank you for applying. We’ll be back in touch within 14 days.

3. Progressing your application

We’ll hold an informal recruitment conversation with you to get to know you a little and give you chance to find out more about the role.

4. Recruitment checks

For some roles, we ask applicants to complete a criminal record check and/or self-disclose any convictions. The role profile will confirm if this applies.

5. Getting to know each other

You’ll have a volunteer manager who will provide you with learning material, an induction and ongoing support to you while in the role. You’ll be asked to sign a Volunteer Agreement outlining what you can expect from us and us from you.

6. Welcome to Shelter

You’re now part of our volunteer community. Thank you for your support!

Ways you can volunteer

In our shops

A woman hangs clothes on a rail of brightly coloured items in a Shelter shop

Our community shops are powered by volunteers. You could be serving customers, sorting stock, creating window displays or even out and about in a van collecting donations.

See current retail roles

In your community

A man and a woman laugh as they stand with Shelter fundraising buckets on a street

Our community volunteers are so important. You’ll be helping us by raising funds, collecting donations and spreading the word about what we do. You’ll be able to choose whether you join us at events or speak at community groups – or even a bit of both.

See current community roles

Helping people experiencing homelessness

A woman in a yellow jumper speaks on the phone next to a man sitting and watching

It’s our mission to work with individuals and communities to bring about positive change. You could join the legal, housing rights or support services within your local hub with roles including admin and client support.

See current services roles

Campaigning for change

Three women and a man hold signs saying 'fix renting' and 'build social housing'

Our campaigns champions lead the fight for real change within their communities. You could be fighting for fairer renting, to end housing discrimination and so much more.

Read our frequently asked questions about volunteering

Why volunteer?

There are so many different reasons to volunteer. Volunteering with us is a space to grow, to build confidence and find a sense of purpose, all while playing a part in fighting the housing emergency. It’s also a great way of meeting new people and having fun.

Whatever your motivation, we’d love to hear from you.

Who can volunteer?

We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds, especially those with lived experience of homelessness or bad housing.

For many roles, such as those within our Community Fundraising, Services and Campaigns teams, you’ll need to be an adult to volunteer with us. Within our shops, we’re able to accept volunteers from 14 years old with consent from a parent or carer.

All our opportunities require volunteers to be based in England, Scotland or Wales. Unfortunately, if you are based in any other location, you will not be able to volunteer with us. Please view the role adverts for further details on where each volunteer opportunity is located.

How much time do I need to give?

With a range of volunteer roles and time commitments, there’s something to suit everyone. You might like to volunteer with us every week, support at a one-off event, or somewhere in between. Our roles are as flexible as possible to suit your availability, and we’re happy to adjust the time you contribute if your circumstances change over time.

You can view our current volunteering opportunities to find out more.

Volunteer stories

Find out what volunteering with Shelter is like

'Volunteering has helped give me a sense of identity and belonging'

‘What we do is life-affirming’

‘I love my role - I love the contribution it makes to people's lives’