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Our impact

Last year we gave information, support and advice to millions of people facing homelessness and experiencing unfit and unsafe housing.

Home is everything

We exist to defend the right to a safe home and to fight the devastating impact the housing emergency is having on people and our society.

From the beginning of April 2022 to the end of March 2023:

  • 15,555 households received support from our emergency helpline

  • 15,846 households came to our local hubs in England for support

  • 6.2 million visits were made to our online advice and service pages

  • 14,026 conversations were had on our webchat service

  • 16,588 queries were responded to by our professional advice services

  • 12,900 households who sought help saw a positive change in their housing situation

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Your support makes a difference

Shaking up the system

The only way out of this housing emergency is to completely eradicate the root causes of homelessness. With the help of those who have experienced the effects of this broken system firsthand, we challenge issues in need of urgent action – to fight for a future where nobody is left out or let down.

On Christmas Eve, Lexi's family were handed a section 21 'no fault' eviction notice. The urgency to find a new home put huge pressure on the family. But the search proved even more stressful when no landlords or letting agents would rent to a family with four children.

With no choice but to register as homeless, Lexi worked with our Strategic Litigation team to challenge the 'no kids' barriers.

Lexi stands in a sunny field with her four young children

Mobilising local communities

As our broken system has proven time and again, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this housing emergency. With communities impacted differently across the country, mobilising people on a local level is a crucial component in this national fight for home.

As one of ten local campaigns, the Birmingham Fair Housing Campaign (BFHC) launched in 2020, with over 340 people sharing their stories of the housing emergency.

Since then, they have successfully pushed for Birmingham City Council to declare a housing emergency, shared their stories in parliament and spoken with local health chiefs about the detrimental impact of damp and mould.

Fighting for housing rights

Ending the housing emergency is a fight that belongs to us all. By equipping individuals and communities with skills and knowledge to challenge housing injustice, they have the power to stand up to the system that has let this country down.

In 2022, Manchester Communications Academy identified that poor, dangerous and unstable housing situations were impacting many of their students. Gareth, a housing rights worker, delivered a housing rights awareness course so that staff had the information needed to advocate for families in need of support.

By the end of the year, staff had shared advice with 93 families.

What we do

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