Our impact

Last year we gave information, support and advice to millions of people facing homelessness and experiencing unfit and unsafe housing.

Home is everything

We exist to defend the right to a safe home and to fight the devastating impact the housing emergency is having on people and our society.

From the beginning of April 2021 to the end of March 2022:

17,281 households received support from our emergency helpline

5.1 million visits were made to our online advice and service pages

15,478 households came to our local hubs in England for support

3,598 cases were handled by our justice services

17,099 conversations were had on our webchat service

15,012 queries responded to by our professional advice services

Your support helps us make a difference

Working together with families

It doesn’t take much bad luck for things to spin out of control and too often, the system that is meant to help falls short.

Aisha’s* family experienced this first-hand. But after working with our Family and Children Service, they were able to move from cramped, temporary, accommodation into a social housing property of their own.

Their journey is an example of what is possible when people with lived experience of homelessness are at the centre of the solution.

*Name has been changed to protect identities

Turning lives around

People who face homelessness often encounter huge barriers when looking for work. Our Getting Real Opportunities of Work (GROW) scheme is a vocational programme providing paid employment for individuals who have been homeless, empowering people to turn their lives around.

Last year, 13 people joined the programme, bringing their unique knowledge and skills to their roles and reinforcing our commitment to putting lived experienced at the heart of everything we do.

Fighting a broken system

Shelter’s Legal Services provide free legal support for people who have lost their homes or are facing eviction.

In the winter of 2021/22, our Legal Services team were made aware that a council were forcing people who were homeless to move at a moment’s notice from hotel to hotel.

Working with the people affected and a local law centre, we made sure the council responded by providing secure homes for those who needed it most. We also made sure other people affected were moved into different hotels where they were not at risk of being asked to leave at short notice.

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