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Cookies on all Shelter websites

Cookies are small text files that we use to collect information when you visit all Shelter websites. We only store the information you've given us permission to and don't use it to identify you personally.

Cookies help us:

  • improve your experience of our websites

  • remember your choices, so we don't have to ask every time you visit provide you with the most relevant content

For more details, see all the cookies we use and read our privacy policy, which explains why we gather your information.

How do I manage my cookies?

You can manage the cookies on all of our websites either by following the link below or in your browser settings.

All browsers let you manage which cookies you have on or off. You can usually change your settings through the ‘preferences’ or ‘tools’ options. If you want to prevent new cookies being stored and/or delete existing cookies, here are some quick links for each browser:

Learn more about browser settings and cookies in general on the About Cookies website.

Storing information during your visit

When you visit our websites, you might provide information that you want us to remember. For example, you might add an item to your cart on our online shop and then want to keep browsing before you check out.

We store this information through a cookie while you're on our websites, but if we need
to store it elsewhere (e.g. if you take part in one of our campaigns) then we will do so securely and only with your permission.