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New information on Shelter Legal

Tenant's rights when a landlord dies

A new page that explains what happens to a tenancy upon the death of the landlord. It covers situations where the landlord dies without a will and intestacy rules apply and information about rent payments and deposits.

Tenant's rights when a landlord sells

This new page covers a landlord's sale of rental property including access for viewings, rent and deposits during and following a sale, and how the new landlord can end the tenancy.

Tenant's rights when a landlord is made bankrupt

This new page covers what happens when a landlord is declared bankrupt. It explains how the rental property is treated, and what steps a trustee in bankruptcy can take to collect rent and evict any occupiers.

Tenant's rights when a landlord is repossessed

This new page explains what happens when a landlord is repossessed by their mortgage lender. It has information about when a tenancy is authorised, what happens to unauthorised tenancies, and the lender's powers under the Law of Property Act to appoint a receiver or exercise a power of sale.

Eviction of tenants of borrowers

A new page covering the court process lenders must follow to evict a tenant of a mortgage borrower. It explains the different stages in the recovery of possession and has practical information about when and how a tenant can ask the court to delay the date for possession.

Joint tenancies

A joint tenancy is where two or more people hold the tenancy jointly and are both liable for rent and other costs. This page has been improved and updated with information about what a joint tenancy is, when it can be ended, what happens when a joint tenant leaves and more.

Updated information on Shelter Legal

Recent updates include:

  • Support for Mortgage Interest rates increase

  • a High Court judge ordering a local authority to provide accommodation pending review

  • a Supreme Court case on the suitability of homeless accommodation, and when budgetary constraints can be taken into account

  • relaxation of the income thresholds for help with court and tribunal fees

  • a Court of Appeal case on intentional homelessness from a shared house

  • changes to council tax for HMOs that ensures they are always treated as a single dwelling

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New practical resources

Are you worried about your mortgage?

The guide for mortgage borrowers produced in partnership with DLUHC has been updated with information about the government mortgage charter and the new rules for support for mortgage interest.

The guide is now published in a digital format.

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