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Stop discrimination against renters on benefits

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We believe that Ludlow Thompson, the high street letting agent, is banning people on housing benefit (also known as ‘DSS’) from the homes it lets. Leaving many renters unable to access homes, even though they’re able to pay the rent.

Already struggling with housing costs as rents have outstripped wages, renters on housing benefit are being denied their right to find a home. And tragically, this prejudice is pushing people closer to homelessness.

  • banning people on housing benefit is totally unjustified and could be unlawful
  • women and people with disabilities are more likely to be receiving housing benefit, so are disproportionately affected by this practice

Ludlow Thompson has told us that this isn't company policy, but our investigation suggests prejudice is widespread.

It is not the only culprit – though we believe it to be one of the worst offenders.

Ludlow Thompson will only stop this unacceptable behaviour if enough of us put pressure on it to change. Take a stand for renters – contact Ludlow Thompson to ask how it will stamp out housing benefit discrimination.

Tell Ludlow Thompson to stamp it out with a tweet or an email:

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Have you been turned away by a landlord or letting agent because you receive housing benefit?

Tweet Ludlow Thompson

Tweet to hold Ludlow Thompson publicly accountable for discrimination against people on benefits. They won’t like public criticism, so the more of us that tweet, the more they’ll feel pressured to change their behaviour. We've drafted the message for you – and found their Twitter account. You just need to click the 'Preview / edit tweet’ button below.

@lt_property [default copy]#EndDSSdiscrimination

Email Ludlow Thompson

Email Ludlow Thompson’s CEO to tell him that it’s not acceptable to treat people differently because they receive benefits. The more emails he gets, the more likely he’ll be to act and stop this prejudice.

We’ve written a message for you, which you can send as it is or put into your own words.