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Together we changed the law on revenge evictions

What was the problem?

We've heard countless shocking stories about people being forced from their homes for complaining to their landlord about poor conditions.

People like Rachel, who was recovering from cancer treatment and really needed to stay warm. Despite repeatedly telling her landlord, Rachel had no heating for five months. And when the council ordered him to fix it, he served Rachel an eviction notice.

What did we do about it?

Working with others in the housing sector, we proposed a change in the law.

But we couldn’t change the law alone. We asked you to contact your MP to vote for an end to revenge evictions. You were amazing. Together we contacted almost every MP in the country and made sure 60 MPs turned up to vote for the bill, including the housing minister.

What have we achieved together?

By campaigning together, we changed the law. New rules came in designed to protect private renters from being evicted for making a complaint about poor conditions. It’s a great start – but it won’t protect everyone and we have more work to do.

Remember, we’re on hand to help renters, landlords and local authorities understand the law.