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Collector Conduct Policy

Fundraising collections are a great way of raising money for our vital work, and we simply couldn’t do this without the support of volunteers.

The guidelines below will help make sure we're fulfilling our obligations as a registered charity, so we can continue to raise and collect money in this way. Remember, if you have any questions you can contact the Community Fundraising team, who'll be able to assist you.


Phone: 0344 515 1190

Out of hours: This will be provided by your Regional Community Fundraiser

Collector conduct

  • please remember that as you are using the Shelter brand, the general public will associate you with our cause, and therefore your conduct (i.e. behaviour and language) will also reflect on us

  • please do not smoke or drink alcohol while wearing or using Shelter branded clothing or equipment

  • you will need to ensure there is an adult (over 18) present at the collection at all times

  • it’s great to encourage people to support, but please do not use shaking of the buckets as a means to get someone’s attention

  • please do not approach anyone; allow people to come to you

  • please ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing for the location and date/time of your collection

Please direct people to our website if:

  • they make an enquiry about housing advice or any of our services

  • they wish to donate by other means

  • they have had a previous issue with Shelter and wish to make a complaint

  • you are asked any other questions that you do not feel comfortable answering

If you're approached by someone who is homeless or needs Shelter’s support, please be clear that you are not qualified to give advice and instead direct them to our websites, either England or Scotland

In the unlikely event that someone approaches you in a confrontational manner, please seek the nearest refuge and do not engage. Your safety is our number one priority.

If you have any questions or would like any further advice, please contact the team and we'll be more than happy to support.