Making a major gift

Your generous support as a major donor plays a vital role in ensuring that everybody has a place to call home.

Our dedicated team works to match your specific philanthropic interests with projects that have the greatest impact for families who are faced with losing their homes.

By working together, we can achieve transformational change for the lives of individuals who come to us for support, as well as campaigning to effect change at policy level.

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How your gift can help

could provide critical legal advice to more than 50 people dealing with housing issues.

could fund a year of intensive support for 10 families without a secure home.

(Figures based on 2015/16 financial year)

would enable us to operate our helpline for one week, allowing us to answer the phone calls of 1228 people facing bad housing and homelessness.

(Figures based on calls answered in 2017/18)

Giving clubs

Home Team

Urgent action is required to protect children from the devastating effects of bad housing and homelessness. Home Team is a committed group of Shelter supporters each making a pledge to help families across the nation who need our support to find, keep or improve their home.

The Justice Fund

Our Justice Fund is a special group of supporters committed to ensuring access to justice for all. The Justice Fund enables our national legal team to provide free advice and representation to thousands of people each year who face eviction, repossession, severe disrepair and other housing issues.

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“…you’ve changed our lives, you got us our home. You believed in us when nobody else did”

Becky, helped by Shelter in 2017.