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We are proud to have been nominated as one of HSBC UK’s national charity partners. HSBC colleagues and customers support our vital work through challenge events, volunteering, and donations on HSBC’s website. Colleagues have scaled their Canary Wharf tower, organised fun days out for families experiencing homelessness, and taken part in lots of other events to help raise funds for Shelter. HSBC customers have also supported our partnership through home insurance and account switcher campaigns, which raised £75,000 in 2021.  

HSBC and Shelter’s No Fixed Address 

In 2019, we launched a ground-breaking initiative to support clients with no previous or fixed address to access a bank account. The No Fixed Address (NFA) programme allows Shelter clients who do not have traditional forms of ID, to open a bank account. 

Shelter is the main delivery charity partner, with another 300+ local and national charities using the service to support their clients. In March 2022, HSBC opened the 2400th NFA bank account. With a bank account, clients have been able to safely receive universal credit, secure employment and achieve financial independence and control. Some NFA customers have gone on to open a full bank account, and many others have continued to engage in relevant support services. 

‘We see this as a great piece of navigation work, as it reduces the risk of financial abuse for clients and empowers them by giving them a sense of personal responsibility over their own finances. Also, in some cases it has enabled clients to gain employment; when getting a bank account was the one thing preventing them from doing so.’

Emma, Shelter Prison Outreach Adviser. 

Breaking the Cycle 

In 2021, HSBC pledged to build on the success of No Fixed Address. The Breaking the Cycle programme will grow a network of financial institutions and charities wanting to tackle financial exclusion; as well as professional training for banks, and an enhanced advice journey for people who are financially excluded. The programme aims to promote better financial health across the sector, with HSBC leading the positive change.  

To find out more about the No Fixed Address programme and which charity partner supports the initiative in your local area, please visit HSBC’s No Fixed Address. Please note individuals will need to be receiving support from one of the No Fixed Address delivery partners to access the programme.  

If you work at HSBC and want to get involved, please contact 

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