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We're proud to have been nominated as one of HSBC UK’s national charity partners since 2018. Together we’ve made a meaningful impact through fundraising and better access to banking for people with no fixed address.

HSBC UK has committed to a new multi-year partnership with Shelter and our UK charity partners, enabling us to support people and communities during the cost of living crisis and help break the vicious circle of homelessness.

Record high rents and a lack of genuinely affordable social homes means millions of people are struggling to cope with rising living costs. At least 271,000 people in England were homeless at the end of 2022, and more people are at risk of losing their home in the cost of living crisis.

One person every minute accesses Shelter’s cost of living crisis web advice, while 70% of callers to Shelter’s emergency helpline say the cost of living crisis is making their housing situation worse.

The partnership builds on the work of HSBC UK’s industry-leading ‘No Fixed Address’ service. This has helped over 4,600 people without a fixed home address to open a bank account and rebuild their lives after experiencing homelessness.

With HSBC UK’s additional support, Shelter will be able to help people at risk of losing their home during the cost of living crisis and build financial resilience in local communities to help prevent homelessness.

Together with HSBC UK, we’ve already helped thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness to access a bank account and rebuild their lives through our Breaking the Cycle programme. But our ambition is to do more to stop people from becoming homeless in the first place.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be deepening our partnership with HSBC UK, so that we can reach more people at risk of losing their homes and work with communities before they reach crisis point.

- Polly Neate, Shelter Chief Executive

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Partner with Shelter

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