A corporate partner of Shelter

We are proud to have been one of HSBC UK’s six national charity partners since 2018.

From challenge events, to volunteering and colleague and customer fundraising, our partnership spans a wide variety of activities which help us tackle the causes of bad housing and homelessness in the UK.

In 2019, Shelter and HSBC UK, along with other local homelessness organisations, launched a ground-breaking new initiative that supports clients with no previous or fixed address to gain access to a basic bank account. As part of their ongoing support journey with us, eligible clients who may have previously struggled to open an account can now easily do so when accompanied to a designated HSBC UK branch by their Shelter caseworker.

‘It's hard enough if you're homeless, living day-to-day on the streets in the freezing cold or trapped with your children in a grotty hostel, but not having a bank account can make life even tougher. That's why we are pleased to work with HSBC UK on this game-changing product. Having a bank account not only allows people who are homeless to receive wages and claim benefits – it also gives them their independence back.’

Polly Neate – Chief Executive Officer, Shelter

The No Fixed Address programme is currently operating with Shelter in Birmingham, London, Bournemouth, Bristol, Sheffield, Blackburn, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. It's available to clients who are receiving support from us for a housing or homelessness need. We hope to expand the programme to more of our hubs in 2021.

To find out our more about the No Fixed Address programme and which charity partner supports the initiative in your local area, please visit HSBC’s No Fixed Address. You will need to be receiving support from one of HSBC's No Fixed Address delivery partners to access the programme.

Please be aware that due to coronavirus (COVID-19), our local services may have reduced capacity. Although the service is still available to eligible clients who find themselves in housing and homelessness difficulties, in some areas the service may be limited due to national and local lockdown restrictions.

In December 2019, HSBC UK also launched a new home insurance campaign. For every policy it sold, HSBC UK donated £5 to us. This campaign raised over £60,000 to support our clients facing the sharp end of the UK's housing emergency.

If you are currently struggling with bad housing or homelessness and need support from us, get help.

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