Shelter Shop Challenge

The Shelter Shop Challenge is a chance to prove your retail mettle by taking over a Shelter charity shop for a day. The team that makes the biggest difference in sales compared to the same day the week before, wins! You’ll need creativity, organisational skills, and big ideas to reach the top of the leader board.

Check out the video below on some pointers about how to get prepared and make your day a success.

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Our Shelter Shop challenge booklet explaining everything you need to do, from getting in touch with your shop to social media promotion on the day. Take your first step and download it below!

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Shop Challenge leaderboard

U+I 508% increase in sales Barnes
HSBC 404% increase in sales West Brom
U+I 354% increase in sales Hammersmith
Position Organisation Shop Date Revenue Increase
1 U+I Barnes 07/08/2019 508%
2 HSBC West Brom 21/03/2019 404%
3 U+I Hammersmith 07/08/2019 354%
4 HSBC Hampstead 29/01/2020 322%
5 Nationwide Batley 19/07/2017 322%
6 HSBC Crouch End 15/03/2019 278%
7 M&S Bank Blackheath 13/04/2018 263%
8 U+I Richmond 07/08/2019 202%
9 HSBC Hammersmith 29/01/2020 189%
10 Nationwide Derby 19/07/2017 186%

Not on the leaderboard?

Tonnes of teams take part in the Shelter Shop Challenge every year. To see everyone who’s stepped up and how they performed, click the link below.

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